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This is a personal website owned and created by me. This website is designed for educational purposes <the free exchange of info> im not responsible for what u do with any info u find here. Any information provided in this site, though chosen by me, does not represent my own personal opinions or beliefs... I do not control or endorse the contents of third party web sites. In no event shall the webmaster be liable for any special, indirect, or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from the use of this site or any links provided at this site.

This website is copyrighted. Contents may not be republished, altered or plagiarized. You can link to this site, but not directly to individual pages, graphics, or anything else.

You shouldn't use this website if: You don't like the Simpson's, are not anti-war, not open-minded, don't respect science, or are not willing to accept foreign or new ideas. If you R 1 of these then leave this site, why? just cos i said so! (unless if u have my permission) :-p

This site's goal is to help you find info, websites or books, read news, learn about computer-related issues, how to get free media, life-related issues, and science etc.. simply, getting people to think, and Always Wonder...



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