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"By empowering customers to control their personal information, we make the Web a more trusted place to do business." Said TRUSTe Chairman Lori Fena, July 25, 2000. “Online Giants To Lead Privacy Campaign” E-Commerce Times.


“We only know members by their handles, such as Purple Butterfly.” Said Pattie Maes, a proffesor at the MIT Media Laboratory. ( P. 75 Webonomics)


“The more you tell us about yourself, the more we can serve you with customized content.” Said Adrew Anker, president of Hotwired webservice talking about the relationship between a website and a member. (P. 74, Webonomics)


“More than 2 of every 5 people in North America are now Internet users, and the Web is becoming an integral part of daily life.” Mark Resch, executive vice president of CommerceNet.


“Ultimately, this [e-shopping] will make transactions more efficient, but I still think people will go out shopping for the experience…. There’s nothing like testing out how a leather chair feels, or trying on cloths, in person.” Forrester’s McQuivery, senior analyst of Forrester in cambridge.


(AUTHOR and dot-com entreprenuer Brett Whitford reckons the growth of ecommerce is being held back in three crucial areas -- security, privacy, and customer service and fulfillment. ``People are concerned that if they provide their credit card details over the net, they' ll be stolen,'' he said) Online safety gets an eTick ; The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia) PETER GOSNELL; 08-21-2000


" MOST of Australia's top websites are secretly collecting and storing personal information on users without taking precautions against Internet fraud.An investigation of the nation's 100 biggest Internet sites found industry-wide disregard for individual privacy or security." source: Privacy lost in Web of fraud Relevancy: 84; ( The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Australia) ) Michael McKenna; 10-26-2000 Size: 3K Reading Level: 14.


"Concerns about privacy and security are the big inhibitors. But as travellers become more comfortable with the online booking process (and the process itself becomes more streamlined), online travel bookings are expected to soar." Online bookings on the rise, but travellers still a bit wary Relevancy: 84; ( The Toronto Star ) Anne Dimon; 11-09-2000 Size: 7K Reading Level: 9.