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My Opinion


Humans usually take risks in order to benefit from modern technology. For example, flying or even driving a car are not risk free and accidents happen. The same situation is implied when buying things on the net. Some personal data might be stolen, hacked (ex. Case Study1) , or soled (ex. GeoCities Case Study).

Like many other users, I accepted this risk -sending credit card information via the Internet- in order to purchase books from on-line bookstores. But I had in mind that this process was not totally risk-free.

Every one needs to know the facts about Internet Commerce and how secure or unsecured it could be. Then, make an educated choice of shopping online with all what it has to offer us from simplicity to competitive prices and wide selections of choice.

I believe that internet-commerce is not absolutely risk free. I think that users should know the possible risks when dealing with online security and seek to educate themselves about the Net's security and how they can contribute in protecting themselves.