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My name is Emad, many also call me Ethan..
Emad in Arabic means "foundation" and Ethan means "strong"

My Interests & Hobbies:

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WebSite History

April 13, 2004. It has been a long time since I updated anything in here. I am planning for big changes but you have to wait another month.

October 6, 2003. Added photos to my photos page.

March 11, 2003. Added TINI page, just pix for now; site map updated.

March 10, 2003. I added "my photographs" page, check it out.. site map is fixed..

March 9, 2003. I added 2 drawings to my drawings page. Soon, I will upload some of the photographs to my photographs page. The site's map needs some fixing.

February 21, 2003. Its been a long time since i updated my site. But, for the next month my plans are to: Add more drawings, add a philosophy page, add few pictures that I've taken, and finally, I will add a page about my current project at the university working with TINI technology!

July 1, 2002. For those who have been waiting; as promised, I have added another drawing to my drawings page..its a drawing of a friend; more later.

May 15, 2002. Added the FREE mp3 and media page.

May 7, 2002. I added 3 of my drawings to my drawings page.

March 12, 2002. This Page is Valid HTML 4.01! . I'm working on making all site pages valid HTML 4.01.

March 11. 2002. candleRemembering the victims. 6 months since the 911 terrorist attack.

March 08. 2002. I am remodeling the whole site. most pages wont be deleted. The structure of the sits has been improved. I am using CSS2 now.

Nov 15. 2001. Update.

July 27, 2001. The complete guide to the Goldquest business opportunity is ready to use (update: not anymore..took it down).

July 5, 2001. updated the other gr8 linx page. also, changed the looks of the contents bar (left side of ur screen).

July 3 2001. check out the "other gr8 links" page i just finished it. I still have the humor and the computer security pages to upload. i am working on adding more info to the goldquest page soon. pages updated are: the greeting cards page, aviation page, books page, astronomy, earth, phone-calls, and the search engine page.

July 1 2001. website ready to upload. I made the contents page more user friendly. I've added a new page: the GoldQuest International "GQI" page. I updated all the other pages also. please look at the site contents. and don't forget to see the new GQI page. (update GQI page taken down at a later date, wont be avilable here) thanks.

June 28 2001. I have been working for a week on a huge website update -update (#7)- for better performance and looks. also to take out bad links and dead services and add some javascript. I'm almost done with the new looks, the general update, and the improved design of the website. A best friends has just helped me work on my site ;) soon I will upload the new website.

June 1 2001. This log is 1 year old.

March 9 2001. Well, I am still working on restoring Tripod's guest book and other Great services they provide --"Gears" as they call them-- I am working hard on a huge update for the whole site I'm also using other services to replace the services that cost money now (I've used free Stats, counter, banner exchange, and guestbook for 2 years "for free" huh, I surely have saved big bucks, look at the prices they are asking for now!! whow).
If you are a regular visitor or have visited my site earlier you will notice the differences, improvements.. Still working on the upgrade. When Im done with the update you will be able to send me your feed back on the "feedback" link at the main page. thanx.
*the Net is getting screwed up! dot .com companies and Net advertising, money to surf, and get paid to do whatever, are all declining; napster was hit badly; MSN limited PC-to-Phone calls to 5 minutes Only! and "very shortly, free and unlimited PC-phone calls will be no longer available at Yahoo," too!!

March 8 2001. *NEW LOOKS*. Started general update, new links, new backgrounds, update structure of site, adding new pages too.
unfortunately stopped providing their free services (so,its no good anymore people!) gotta find new guest book,counter, and tracking services for my site now!
My theme has always been to have the best links in my site and every update makes my site even better, make sure u come back in a month and i guarantee you will see lots of new high quality links and info.

Jan 2001. numerous upgrades and additions.

Dec 16 2000. Finally some new stuff. I made a new background for my space page check it out its Spaccyy. I also added links to my every day links page.

Dec 15 2000. Today I finished a new site that i made for my CompSci class. you can go to it by clicking here

October 14 2000. I updated some pages ex. the money page has more links, more info, and better appearance. i moved it into separate folder cos its getting bigger.

October 7, 2000. I added midi files. Updated most of the pages. Separated the news from the main page and made the "NEWS" page. New page "Make Phone Calls". Some pages are floating in the space now. General update (#6).

September 16, 2000. I made a new page. "Make money on the Net"

September 9, 2000. No more wooden frame,.. my page has a space background now..there are more midi files and more links added in the every day links page. I also added more links to the Contents Bar, the one u see on the left of your screen to make navigation through my site faster -->enjoy.

24 Aug. 2000. I updated the main page and gave it a wooden frame. I also added more to my every day links page. I made a new guest book and kept the old entries available to be viewed.

21 Aug. 2000. I Updated the Books Page with many links to great bookstores for discounted prices... its useful. I also Updated the Contents bar, the one on the left side of your screen, and Updated the site guide. Enjoy :~)

17 July 2000. another huge update (#5) :~)

5 July 2000. I added some MIDI files, and made a general appearance, meta tag, and keywords update (#4), will start to submit to searchengines soon. just to get more visitors here... i always try to make this site easier and more enjoyable. so go >Enjoy :->

26 June 2000. Another big site update (#3). the site is arranged according to these categories: flying, internet, earth, space, and more pages + about me and the site guide.

18 June 2000. "finished updating music". I added background music to some pages :) and Bahrain national anthem is working too.

12 June 2000. I updated the whole site again (#2), added some links and pix. the Site Guide is ready to use :).. have fun.

10 June 2000. I am updating the Site Guide.

1st of June 2000. Started this log.

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