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So, U want free MP3s?

Good.. dont we all want free music? U bet... Before I say anything else, listen.... just go and Get KaZaA Lite ... memorize this name...tell your friends... .. U r still reading ?? go get it now!

I'm sure you heard about the mighty old Napster.. If you want to share, swap, and download free MP3, media, or other files FREE this is what you can do:

Get KaZaA Lite.... it gives you the speed and huge media collection of kazaa, but without any added programs and bad annoying spyware.. kazaa lite is a "somewhat" clean version of kazza!.. u wont find it at (the company that made kazaa forced kazalite out of, but also took kazaa itself off thier list cos it contains spyware). get kazaa lite... you can find kazaa lite at

The most famous P2Ps out there are:

  • KaZaA Lite: is version of KaZaA supposedly does not have spyware.
  • KaZaA: This one has Spyware... get it only if you dont mind spyware and pop-ups.
  • Morpheus: was a good one but with the new Morpheus edition its gone down the drain.
  • WinMX: With this, you will probably have to wait for your turn to download, but it's the best available now and has no spyware.

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